yycpix – Donor in Alberta

i’m 25 6′ donor here with good success, higher sperm count and no health issues at all. do nar he re at g ma il. open for AI, PI, NI. home location in calgary but willing to travel canada wide (some conditions) and i’ll be traveling Ontario Toronto and Niagara side last week of August but will be back in Calgary mid September. anyone need my help that time feel free contact with me. Cheers

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  1. Hi there, are you willing to ship it to me? I am 20 years old, completed college, financially stable. Unfortunately my fiance and I have had no luck getting pregnant. We want this more then anything. We wouldn’t want the child to have any contact with the donor. Also, do you have any pictures of yourself? Let me know! Thanks

    1. Where are you located and yes I’m willing to help any way you like . Open for discussion and details. hope we can talk soon. Keep checking post for replies and keep responding

    2. Hi, would you be willing to send pictures? My wife and I have been trying to find a suitable donor to help us start our family for some time now. We are located near calgary.

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