Wendi Looking for a red-haired Sperm donor

I am looking for a red-haired sperm donor who is available for this February 10-13, 2020. I can’t travel very far at the moment but I would really like to start my next stage of life.

I am looking for a donor because I really want a child and don’t want to wait for Mr. Right anymore.
I am 27 y/o, 5’2″ in height, 143lbs with dark brown hair and green hazel eyes.

I am hoping for someone with red hair, green hazel eyes, 5’7″ and up who is fit and healthy. I would like information on your health history and your parents, as well as blood type so I will know the type of health the child might have and give accurate information to doctors if needed.

I am also looking for a donor who will wave his parental rights, leaving sol custody to myself. (I can give updates to you and when they are 18 I could give them your contact information if you would like).
I hope to talk soon.

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