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  1. Hi,
    male, 6 feet tall, going to uni for engineering, brown, athletic, well built, average looking. i am a community person, i donot smoke/donot do drugs/donot drink. so want to help out people in need if u think i can help u please feel free to contact me via email and hopefully we can sort out something that can benefit u. from GTA, canada.
    **for more details plz contact me.

    1. Hi,
      I’m 6,2 feet tall, with college education in sports and medicine, Italian German descendant, White Blonde, green eyes, very fit and solid person, very helathy and good worker, a real people person, i do not smoke, I do not do drugs, or alcohol.
      I can help you in your cause, or help other people like you.
      If you will, you can contact me by email, and hopefully we can sort something That can benefit Both of us. from Toronto GTA. Canada

  2. Hello everybody , I’m Looking to donate my sperm , my reasons are rather long but genuine and I would like to describe a little about myself. I’m 6ft2 220lbs , I’m a professional athlete and university graduate , I’m 26 years old and have medical information and tests already done as well as seimen anyalasis done. I have blonde hair blue eyes and %100 Icelandic.

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