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  1. Hi there I would love to help you have a child. The only contact I wish to have with you is to the point I know you had a healthy baby. After that I dont wish to have any contact with the child. I have three children one boy who is a sucessful father and constuction supervisor. Two girls one is a nurse in a hospital and my other daughter is a chef and a mother of two. My son has theee children. Everyone in my family are healthy and non have ever had anything medically wrong. Also I am 5’8″ tall in great shape a successful home builder. I am happily married my wife allowed me to get a lesbian couple pregnant. They wanted two children so I got both of them pregnant in the same month. They had a perfect boy and a girl. They actually look like twins because my features always come through in my children. If you are seriouse how about we go for it for you. My email is:

  2. Would like to know more. I am 5’8, fit, healthy, intelligent, well educated, european background, clean, blue eyes, (originally) brown hair. If you have any questions please ask.

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