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  1. Hi there, not sure if you have found a donor for sperm yet, but i would like to offer mine to help a young woman have a healthy baby. i have a gorgeous 5 yr old son that is healthy and intelligent. im clean, std free, and good looking. i reside in north bay so your chance of having something discreet with no more interference from me is better.hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi,
      I see you were offering to assist this lady, but was wondering if you’d be willing to assist somebody else as well?
      I’m 31, have always wanted to be a mommy and am worried my chances are dwindling.


    2. Hey there me and my fiancee are looking for a sperm donnor we been together for 5 years now and ineed of a donner. Please help

    3. Omg i think its not sending you my messages but im in need of a sperm donor really bad me and my fiancee have been together for 5 years now and we are 21 years old. Please help

      1. Hello, i dont know if you found a donor yet, im 22, 6ft,2. Gorgeous green eyes and brown hair. STD free recently tested. No medical issues. You can email at ————————–

      2. hello I saw your message and was wondering where you’re from I am in Barrie Ontario and I would be willing to helpI have attached my email and there would be no exchange of phone numbers and it would be completely discreet if interested send me a picture and your location if you’re not that far away then we can possibly make this work for you I have two daughters and they are both very beautiful and smart

  2. If you are still looking for aa donor and in Ontario i would be interested.
    I’m clean, STD free and have 2 beautiful daughters already.


    1. Lesbian couple in north bay looking for a sperm donor. Successful careers. Please contact us for more information.

      1. Hi,

        My name is kirk and I am a 42 year old white gay professional working in the healthcare field.

        I live in downtown Toronto.

        I have three kids of my own, 2 sons and a daughter, ages 20,19,17.

        Would consider helping a couple out, please contact me for further info.

        Pvt and confidence respected and assured and is a must.

        Compensation would be a must.



  3. Hello,

    Altough I am not quite sure how all of this works, I am currently willing to be a donor. I am 5 11′ with an IQ level of 130. I have blue eyes and I am very healthy. I am std free and have no history of any illness (mental or physical). In terms of compensation, I am very flexible and I am simply looking to contribute towards university. Although I am prepared to help, I would like to meet and get to know the individual previous to making any choices. Feel free to contact moi.

  4. i have been helping those who realy want kids as i have 5 and love them so much …i no some guys just cant have any so im here to help in anyway…good luck

  5. I too am interested in being a donor if anybody is interested. I’m 6’3″, brown hair, blue eyes, business owner, never smoked or drank anything in my entire life. Just want to help out 🙂

    1. Hi Aaron, I see you are interested in being a Sperm donor to help out. I am new to this and trying to find a Sperm donor, if you could message me that would be great! Thanks 🙂

        1. Hi my name is Michelle I am a 30 year old woman who is a nurse in a long term care home. I am looking to have a child and have not been able to find Mr right. I found your sperm doner add on the web site and was wondering if you would be interested in helping me out. I don’t due drugs I don’t smoke I don’t drink. I work hard and have a nice home with lots of family support. I would be willing to meet and have a coffee and even give you the chance to get to know me a little. I have worked with children of all ages and ability. I also have no criminal record. I hope to here back from you either way thank you and I hope I don’t sound like a more on just a woman who really wants the opportunity before its to late to have a child of her own. My number is ———- feel free to call or text me at any time. P.S I live in new Westminster bc

      1. Happy to help people who is looking for spearm doner…. This is a graduated person in health care with clear health history would be beneficial for up coming baby.

  6. im a single gay latino man, 39 years old, i will like to become a sperma donnor or a co-parent, im a easy going, nice responsable & hard worker person, good educated, im 1.68 cm tall..average body, good looking, im really interested on have a kid & share the importance that required to be parents, as i have no plans to get married but i love childrens.

  7. im a single gay latino man living in Calgary AB, 39 years old, i will like to become a sperma donnor or a co-parent, im a easy going, nice responsable & hard worker person, good educated, im 1.68 cm tall..average body, good looking, im really interested on have a kid & share the importance that required to be parents, as i have no plans to get married but i love childrens. contact me —————

  8. Willing to help a couple. I have wonderful details about myself to share with ip’s . So please feel free to message me if you are looking for a donor.
    Thank you and all the best to you

  9. Hello,

    I was considering going to a clinic before I stumbled onto this site. I am interested in being a donor and helping out with a family if possible. I am 6′ dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am athletic, handy and excel in the arts and marketing field. If you would like to know more about myself and credentials please email me.

    Thank you

  10. Hello my husband and I are looking for a donor as he is not fertile any longer. not sure but how do we contact people on here ???? if it does not show your e mail address????

    Please someone help us looking in Toronto, Barrie, Orillia, north bay .

    1. Attractive, Intelligent, Clean, Fun, Friendly, Hard working, Trustworthy White European Male (30 years old) willing to help you! I am available, and from Toronto. Contact me and you won’t be disappointed.

  11. Looking for a sperm donor in Kingston area. Financially secure & intelligent woman . Single. Must be clean & STD free. Looking for a donor in person or who would consider shipping.
    Please respond to my email —————-
    Looking for a donor willing to donate without compensation, absolutely no strings attached.

    1. Did you find a donor? I am a 29 year old 5’9”, brown hair hazel coloured eyes, healthy white male. I am well educated and hard working.

  12. hey , im 22 years old 6’1″ , brown hair hazel eyes very athletic and healthy . i do have successful sperm and i am willing to become a donor.

  13. Hi , My partner and I (kari) have been together for 5 years. She will be 30, and I 29. My name is Donna, we are looking to find a sperm donor in ottawa or near ottawa. You can contact us at ————-
    We would like to have our first child together.please contact us if interested in helping!

  14. Hi,
    I am 34 years old, with 180 cm height and 75 kg weight, black hair and eyes, athletic and healthy. I would be grateful if take a chance of being a sperm donor.
    Please feel free to email me and ask for more information. I am living in Sudbury.

  15. Hi there . I’m a slim fit European guy with nice brown hair and brown yes. White toned skin . I’m healthy and very clean . I would like to help cute couple to have a child . I always wanted to have more children . Contact me at my E-mail . Cheers . Vic .

  16. My wife and I are looking to start a family. We have been together for 10Yes and married for 1. We are looking for a donor in the barrie area. Please contact us if you would be willing to help!

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