Single heterosexual woman Looking to Find a sperm donor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Profile ID: Jenilee1
Single heterosexual woman
Looking to Find a sperm donor
Age: 27
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Other Info: I am single, looking to start a family of my own. I haven’t met that special someone, and – am wanting to have child number one by the time I am 30 years old. I have a stable career, a safe home, and a huge loving heart. Please help me!

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  1. Hello there,
    I would love to know that my traits and charycteristics will be passed on to a child. I do need to know that there is a strong household and parent or parents that are secure.
    Briefly I am 6’1″ blonde/brown hair blue eyed and love reading the classics, such as Crime and Punishment, the Elephant Man, etc, and a powerful strong body is great but in a scholastic way… well it should equal the body.
    I am at ———————- Before I ramble on, I do not know if you are even still looking that is. Many phenomenal people are out there and cannot have a child, and would like the experience of pregnancy and childbirth etc rather than adopt a child that will be ready to drive in 5 years!
    If you wish to learn more about me or let me know you have found your ideal candidate please let me know,
    Take Care

  2. Hi,
    Not sure if you are still looking? I’m originally from Calgary and travel back through often. I’ve never done anything like this but have no kids and my career is not exactly family friendly so may be my only opportunity to pass anything on. I’m 35, 200lbs, 6ft, brown hair and blue eyes. My family has no medical issues, so if interested would be willing to discuss anything else you’d like to know.

  3. Hi there

    If you are still looking im in calgary message me of interested. Email ——————————–

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