Single bisexual woman Looking to Co-parent in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Profile ID: Georgia9
Single bisexual woman
Looking to Co-parent
Age: 22
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Other Info: Hello,

I am a young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy (midway through second trimester). My partner recently left and has no desire to seek any involvement in this situation. I am currently exploring my options, with placement for adoption highly likely, but I am interested to see what might be available in terms of co-parenting arrangements. For this reason, I am searching for a man (bio/trans- does not matter) or gay male couple who are ready and interested to commit to the role of parenting. (I do not feel that children “need” a father, nor do I feel that a lesbian couple would be any less capable– but I do feel that in my case, co-parenting with a man specifically would be more harmonious.). I am kind, calm, open-minded, diplomatic and well-read, and would value the same in prospective co-parents. Capacity to love, show respect, and communicate clearly are of paramount importance to me. My health is excellent and there has been no fetal exposure to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. If you are located in the Winnipeg area and would like to discuss the possibility of co-parenting, please message me for further details. (I’m friendly!) Thank you and best of luck.

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