Sammy Looking for sperm donor

I’m 39 years old female me and my partner have been trying to conceive for last 4 years with no luck .my partner has low sperm count slow swimmers 2%and 90% abnormalities and count is at 0.4 which after everything we have tried from urologists no success and now I’m low on eggs which is not valid enough for the fertility specialist to want to use my eggs for I.V.F ohip coverage which leaves me feeling overwhelmed and hopeless in having a child. I’m still currently ovulating thankfully and regularly due to letrozole but
I’m really running out of time and have bit of blockage in my tubes so going for a dye flush procedure which resulted this summer that past due to rental property septic system failed and myself and partner resulted infection which healthy now both of us and we moved bought a house no longer had faith in rental property so we know currently can’t afford to buy donor eggs which quoted $35,American money! So my egg quality is good but my numbers are low and I have to remain on letrozole to keep regular due to poc. Unknown why exactly
I take herbal supplements to keep at my best but we can’t afford the high cost of shipping and storing of sperm so looking for local to southern Ontario Canada area for donor that is healthy hoping simular traits as my partner prefer no involvement afterwards unless offspring (child) requires it for medical or mental purposes I am not sure how this works but I am hoping for a hail Mary in my life for a child.Im open to what ever makes the donor comfortable in donating, we are caucasian my background is sicilian/Irish and short, stocky build green eyes brown hair wavy and my partner is Irish/German sandy blonde red highlights and stocky build blueish green eyes average height 6 ft. I’m taking psychology courses and work in call center, he’s in construction with engineering degrees. We enjoy animals and quading, dirt bikes canoeing say outdoorsy people and social but not much for large crowds. Please message if you want to help in donating

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