Mr. Right 22 Black student

Hello. I am a Experienced sperm donor offering to help those who desire children. I have 4 successful donations, both through AI, since starting 1 and a half years ago. I am black, black hair, brown eyes, athletic skinny build, 6’2 and 150lbs. I live in north York Toronto. I have 4 siblings… 2 sisters and 2 brothers… all on my mother side. There is no genetic history of any major illness/disease/mental health. Please email me at —————- if you would like to talk and meet about donation. Take care ??

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  1. Hi I am interested
    But it blocked your email address
    So do you have a kik account?
    From my understanding this website blockes numbers and emails..
    Mine is
    Incase my number isn’t blocked it’s

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