Matthew Healthy Sperm Donor Available in Regina, Saskatchewan


I’m a single professional sperm donor 30-35 years old in Regina Saskatchewan.

Handsome, fit and from a White Mediterranean ethnicity. I’m willing to travel within Canada if the recipient is serious about the donation.

Please contact me for any questions.

5 Replies to “Matthew Healthy Sperm Donor Available in Regina, Saskatchewan”

    1. By serious, I mean, someone who is not on the fence.

      I’m open to the method that the recepient chooses to be the best fit for them.

  1. Hi Matt,
    Are you still interested in donating sperm, I’m very serious about this as I am a single mother to one and would love for her to grow up with a sibling.
    However I am not very knowledgeable about the process in which this is done

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