Marlon Healthy Sperm Donor in Winnipeg, MB

My name is Marlon and I’m a 21-year-old student who’s interested in helping out the right couple wishing to start a family. I’m 6ft and have a slim/atheltic build (143 pounds). I have dark brown eyes, almost black hair, and a very mixed ethnic background (Icelandic, Austrian, French, Ojibwe, Russian-Jew). I’m currently enrolled in my third year of post-secondary education and I’m pursuing a career in Public Relations and eventually Lobbying. I consider myself to be a very happy, healthy, sharp and articulate indiviudal. My loving family has a history of being well read, creative and educated, as I am the third generation to attend University. Apart from this I have perfect eyesight, good bone structure, and have no family history of hereditary diseases. It feels strange selling myself like this but I want to ensure that I am a good fit to be a sperm donor.

This would be my first and probably last time as a donor. I want to ensure that I’m helping out the right family who I can be assured will provide the child with a safe, healthy, and happy life. I’m an open book if you have more questions for me regarding my life, sexuality, method of conception, preffered level of contact, etc.

Please feel free to reach out and contact me if you’re interested.


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