Mark Looking to become a sperm donor in Moncton, New Brunswick

I’m a 29 year old healthy, athletic doctor with good mental health. I ran a marathon before, regularly do backpacking trips and enjoy mountain biking. I have never had an STD. I also have one

child and we conceived very easily. I’m looking to become a sperm donor. I don’t need any kind of compensation and I’m pretty easygoing with whatever of arrangements you would want to make.

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  1. Hi Mark. We are Filipino lesbian couple. Right now im in the Philippines and my partner is a permanent resident in NB. As early as now we are looking for a donor once we will be living together in NB. Hope you will be available anytime sometime next year 2018.

  2. Yeah sure we can make an arrangement. My coparent match account is Mark278 feel free to contact me for more details or photos

  3. Hi there, we are looking for a donor as I am unfortunately sterile. Could you describe yourself or provide a picture Please? We’re looking to match my features as best as possible.


  4. They don’t let you publish email addresses or phone numbers. I found you on the other site. You could either pay the membership or find me on Facebook.Perhaps some encrypted way of giving an email?

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