Marilynn Thunder Bay, Ontario

Hi, we are a same sex married couple looking to start a family. We are seeking out a local donor willing to donate to us using artificial means. We are open to the donor having anywhere between no contact to limited contact with any child born from the direct result of the donation. We are willing to provide regular updates if requested. If no contact is requested by the donor, all we ask is that once the child(ren) turn 18 that the donor is willing to be contacted with any questions the children might have in regards to their biological connection. Seeking out a local donor or someone within a reasonable driving distance. We require a recent health screening (mainly concerning STD’s/STI’s) and background information on genetic health. Open to any ethnicities. We would also be willing to consider reciprocal conception with a gay couple ie. they donate to us, I surrogate for them. We are a very easy going couple, and open to discussing many scenarios as we believe there are lots of different ways to make up a family. Thank you.


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  1. I am a 21 year old 3rd year electrical engineering student who wants to help anyone looking for a sperm donor. I do not want any money nor incentives. I want to donate purely on good will.

    I am a virgin and have no STD’s.

    Willing to do any test possible receivers want/demand/desire,


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