Lynne Hopes to find Native American Sperm Donor

My partner and I have been in a same sex committed marriage for going on ten years. My wife is a teacher at the same school for going on 15 years. I am a music teacher and songwriter. Our quest for a family has been a long one. My partner has tried for many years hoping to conceive using IVF without any success. We have decided at this point I will seek to carry. My background is Mohawk. I am very much involved in my culture and it is important to me to keep my culture and traditions alive. My hopes are to find a Native American donor who might feel compelled to help start our family. Thank you/ Nia:wen for your compassion and good spirit.

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  1. I notice this post is over two years old, but if you are still looking, Id be interested in discussing further details. Im not sure what to include in this, except that I’m a 35 year old male, who is of Anishinaabe descent. If you have any questions or concerns, dont hesitate to ask. Thanks

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