Looking for a sperm donor to start a family!

Hi There,

We are a lesbian couple located in Saskatoon looking for a sperm donor to start a family. We are in a committed relationship, and are not willing to have sex with you during this process. We are looking for a male who would be willing to send us pictures, as well as sign a lawyer document giving up all rights to the child. We are willing to keep in contact, in case the child wants to know who you are when they turn 18. If you are interested, please reply telling us information such as age, education, occupation, medical history, etc. Basically a quick summary of who you are, along with pictures. This is very serious for us, so please no replies for sex and threesomes. Thank you.


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  1. I am a healthy 5′ 11″ blond caucasian male. My only health issue is sleep apnea that is probably not helped by being overweight. Unfortunately a very sedentary lifestyle has not helped. No other issues at all. I am 64 years old and my parents lived into their eighties and grandparents into their nineties (maternal grandfather was a war casualty ). My siblings are all healthy and my son is in exceptional good health and physical condition. One cousin was a professional tennis player and my half brother is a karate black belt sensei. I have an IQ of 150, so in the 99.9 percentile. I can verify my membership in the Triple Nine Society (Wikipedia can explain). My son also tested as highly intelligent. I have several university degrees and my profession was social worker.
    If that seems satisfactory so far I can show pictures, provide my full name and proceed with a legal contract.

    1. Did you have any luck finding anybody? I’m just curious! I’m also looking for a donor, and just want to see if got any results! Thanks!

  2. Hi there. I’m a very healthy virile male, below are my stats 🙂 Email me if you are interested!

    Age : 23
    Ethnicity : Indian
    Skin color : Light brown
    Eye color : Dark Brown
    Hair : Black
    College Education : Chem Engineering
    Height : 5’10” tall
    Body type : Muscular mesomorph
    Hobbies : Mountain hiking, lifting weights, wrestling, rugby, reading science fiction literature, building cool things.
    Medical Conditions : None
    Eye sight : 20-20

  3. In interesting in donating, please email me if you are interested in choosing me to donate.
    Age : 20
    Ethnicity : Canadian, German, Ukranian
    Skin color : White
    Eye color : Blue
    Hair : Brown
    Education: highschool graduate
    Height : 6’2” tall
    Body type : Muscular endomorph
    Hobbies : Working out, hunting, camping, longboarding, biking, video games
    Medical Conditions : None
    Eye sight : 20-20

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