My name is Liz and I am currently seeking a Donor, I am currently living in Oshawa, My boyfriend and I have been planing to have a child for more then 3 years now and we are finally ready to take the step towards having a child. He is Transgender (F to M) and does not produce sperm. I already have a 13 year old son, with Autisum and would like to expand our family. We are looking for a sperm doner who can advise that they have been checked recently. Any race, ethenticy would be fine. We would just love to start our journey at this time together. Please contact via email ————–

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  1. Hello. I am a fit, fertile, intelligent male living in Ajax. I am 35 years old, university educated and happy to donate sperm to a loving, affectionate and caring couple. My profile on coparent match is nash10 . I am dark eyed and have black hair, and willing to spend the necessary time for conception. Nash

  2. Hello. I am healthy fertile male 39 yrs old. Working full time into skilled trades. I have never donated before but would like to help some one in need. I have two beautiful healthy daughters of my won. I do not have a profile on any website of sort so please contact via email if interested. Very willing to help.

  3. Hello, I am a 32 year old healthy male. I have two beautiful daughters and am incredibly fertile. I have recent and completed tests as well for safety. I am in sales management for quite a large packaged goods manufacturer. Have a university degree and a fairly strong bloodline of health.

    I am 180cm tall with brown hair and hazel eyes.


  4. 6ft 3″, athletic since i was a toddler, iq of 145 at age 11, brown eyes, red hair (only one of out 22 kids and cousins), freckles from one side of the family, my half brother has almost no freckles i have many. Strong, lean but broad build. 165lbs, smoked for 2 years when i was a teen. Do not drink regularly (twice a month maybe), do not smoke at all. No previous history of disease or serious illness in any of my family what so ever. No mental problems other than a simple learning disorder that was corrected with a little assistance (not myself, a sibling). Everybody in my family is extremely intelligent, mother worked designing US missiles and buildings, father is a power engineer at a nuclear plant. Extraordinary motor, cognitive, memory and problem solving skills. Building and fixing computers, electronics and mechanical devices such as cars and light equipment ever since i was around 7 years old. Ability to retain loads of information and repeat it on the spot, i could explain how a full car including engine, transmission and anything else works and draw it on the spot. I can tell you what any car is by the look of it. Photo graphic memory. So much to list. Donations are not free

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