2 Replies to “Lesbian couple Looking to Find a sperm donor in Olds, Alberta, Canada”

  1. Hello there,
    I would love to know that my traits and charycteristics will be passed on to a child. I do need to know that there is a strong household and parent or parents that are secure.
    Briefly I am 6’1″ blonde/brown hair blue eyed and love reading the classics, such as Crime and Punishment, the Elephant Man, etc, and a powerful strong body is great but in a scholastic way… well it should equal the body.
    I am at ———————– Before I ramble on, I do not know if you are even still looking that is. Many phenomenal people are out there and cannot have a child, and would like the experience of pregnancy and childbirth etc rather than adopt a child that will be ready to drive in 5 years!
    If you wish to learn more about me or let me know you have found your ideal candidate please let me know,
    Take Care

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