Laura Looking for a Winnipeg Sperm Donor

Im a single 24 year old looking to start my own family. I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) plus only one fallopian tube, getting pregnant naturally (through intercourse) wont be easy for me, reason why im looking for a donor plus havent be able to find a partner. Im planning on being a single mother by choice. Must be healthy, Caucasian, Native/Metis, Latino/Spanish is fine!

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  1. Iā€™m a 34 year old caucasian male with no medical conditions. I have blue eyes, light brown/blond hair and my height is around 6ā€™1ā€³ or 185cm. I weight around 195 ā€“ 205lbs. My body type is average and I have no known family medical conditions in my history.

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