landyn431 Looking to Find a sperm donor in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada

Looking for a donor as we are really wanting to start a family. We have been looking for a while as we would like to do this privately as opposed to through a hospital. We are in desperite need of someones amazing kindness to help us realize our dream of starting our own family Username: landyn431
Partnered transgender man
Looking to Find a sperm donor
Age: 22
Location: Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada

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  1. Hi there, know this advert is old but if you guys are still interested I am a bisexual man, 6’2, brown hair, grey eyes, 38yrs old and wanting to help. Lets chat and make something happen to start creating that family.

  2. Hello everybody , I’m Looking to donate my sperm , my reasons are rather long but genuine and I would like to describe a little about myself. I’m 6ft2 220lbs , I’m a professional athlete and university graduate , I’m 26 years old and have medical information and tests already done as well as seimen anyalasis done. I have blonde hair blue eyes and %100 Icelandic.

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