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  1. I am a very easy going and laid back individual. I get along with almost everyone pretty well. I am responsible when it comes to getting down to work and doing what I need to get done. I am a fairly reserved individual and have been pretty much my entire life. Many people tell me I look a lot younger than I actually am. I have finished a degree in business.

  2. I can help you out. 6 ft tall Caucasian, 180 lbs, Brown hair, blue eyes. Engineering degree and a masters in business administration.

  3. Hey

    My name is Matthew, im 31 years old and well educated. I don’t need money Im stable in most aspects. I am 5’8 white and honestly have a great heart. When I do have a goal I conquer it. I am also gay, not to the extreme one of the well rounded ones. My family history is engraved of common respect for my elders, kind, driven and family oriented.

    If maybe you would like to chat more and see if Im the type of donor your looking for please feel free to contact me. 🙂 I would not ask for money. At the same time id like to know a bit more about you before commiting to anything concrete.

    1. Hello Matt
      I’m replying to your comment and wondering if you are still interested in helping someone have a baby. My husband and I found out that he is clinically sterile, we do have a 10 year old daughter from him and now we are trying to find someone that is willing to help us have our second child.

      I am now 35 and need to try and get pregnant soon, unfortunately because of all the fertility treatments I have had over the years, I will be going through menopause earlier than someone else my age.

      We would be great full to anyone that is willing to help us.

  4. my name is Jason. i am 35yrs old.I am a well fit man.I work out 5+days a work.in may have only a high school diploma. I would like to think that i became moderately successful in my life. I work for myself in the construction industry.I believe to achieve what you want in life,you have to work hard for it.
    I am separated and have a son,which lives with me full time.

  5. Hello, my name is Chase. I’m 26 years old. I am 6’3 and 185 pounds. I’m not looking for money. There are no health conditions or criminal behavior common in my family, in addition nearly all my family members are Engineers,Teachers, and Tradespeople.

  6. Hi my name is Sam and I am 27. I am 6-1 and 180lbs and I have blonde hair and green eyes and althletic build. I am very healthy and in great shape. I am not looking for money as I am well off. I’m only looking to help people out . One of my best friends went through this and it can be very hard to find the right person ! I am very approachable so feel free to contact me to find out if I’m a fit!

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