Kelly – Sperm Donor Wanted Calgary

I am a successful, single 33 year old who cannot seem to meet a decent man. I want a baby and family more than anything. I do not party, am clean and very healthy. I have a house and would like an NI. I am looking for someone YOUNG, Caucasian, university educated and healthy. I am tall and would also like a tall donor.

Located in Calgary.

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  1. I’m also local in Calgary by Peter drive in. 25 6′ and in average shape.
    Good success rate in donation.

    Find my profile at
    username Jij1

  2. Hello there, I would like to chat with you in more detail about what it is you’re looking for. Feel free toe e-mail me back.

  3. Hi there,

    I am a 21 year old male caucasian. I am 6’2 and have post-secondary education.

    I Am willing to help by donating sperm but I am not sure how to go about this.

    I live in Ottawa so I am not sure what the process of getting something out to Calgary would be.

    If you are aware of a way to make this happen feel free to contact me via email at ————-



  4. I’m Spanish intelligent and highly educated I have 3 grown children really beautiful and willing to donate.

  5. are you still looking ?
    six foot one, healthy
    never done this before have no kids of my own
    thinking i’d like to leave something of myself behind
    educated, caucasian with the bluest eyes you’ll ever find, dirty blonde hair.
    I would want total anonymity
    reply if interested
    I would want to arrange a face to face meeting (no picture exchange) you won’t be disappointed
    I would be willing to travel to Calgary I reside in Alberta.
    reply if interested

    1. Hi there Ben,

      I’m also looking for a donor. Are you still interested in talking more?

      I’ve also never done this before, but do know what I’m looking for.

      I would love to chat more, and exchange more information with you.

      Thank you,

  6. I live in Edmonton. I’m 26 yrs. old. Brown eyes, light brown hair. I am in good shape, I am very athletic, talented and smart. Knowledge soaks into my mind literally. I would be interested in donating to your sperm.

  7. I am in Calgary 5 10 165lbs blue eyes fit and am interested like you have not found the right woman either if interested let me know

  8. I’m a Donor available in Calgary Alberta Canada. STD and Drug free. No smoking as well. AI preferred. 41 y/o. 5’9″ tall and slightly overweight but generally in good health. Armenian/West Asia origin. Thank you guys.

  9. Hi there 41y/o single father willing to help you to become single mother . Willing to sign over parental rights etc, perform health screen and STD tests etc. I’m Non-Caucasian but has a light-colored skin. Non smoker and No drugs and No Alcohol.

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