Kelly – Hamilton, ON sperm donor needed

My wife and I (lesbian married couple) are looking for a sperm donor in Hamilton or area. We already have a beautiful family with 2 healthy l, happy children and wish to add a third!

We do not want the donor to have any ties to the child, no contact whatsoever.

Please email us with info about you. We REQUIRE a health check but are willing to compensate for those fees as well as travelling fees if necessary.

Thank you!

Kelly and Ashley

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  1. Hello my name is Micheal . I helped out a friend in the same situation. She sent me a few pictures. I was happy to help her she didn’t have to send piictures. I live in Ottawa. I do not drink or smoke and have been a blood donor for 27 years.l would love to help you

  2. Hi,

    I’m a young and athletic man from Toronto interested in donating. I’m 5’10” tall, black hair, brown eyes and a tan complexion. Very healthy with no health issues in the family.

    Happy to discuss further!

  3. Hey I am a healthy male located hamilton.27 years old .italian. dark hair tanned skinned. Attractive sucessful and I’m willing to travel. Msg me .thanks

  4. Hello. I’ve had previous successful donations and sperm analysis has been done. AI only. Multiple professional degrees. 6’3″ slim. Email for more details and questions.

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