Kayla Looking for sperm donor winnipeg

My partner and I have decided we are more than ready to start a family, as we are a same sex couple it’s a little bit more challenging. My partner and I are both working full time, we have a stable home and both are more than excited to add a little one in to our lives. We are looking for an honest respectful man to donate is sperm and help us out, we are not looking for co parenting in anyway, we are looking for artificial insemination. Your messages are welcomed if you believe you are the one to help us!


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  1. i’m of Asian descent (Canadian Born)
    let me know if that is something you are looking for – or other nationality

  2. Hello,
    I’m interested in helping, if I can. I’m white, 6’3″ please let me know if you’re interested.

  3. Hey hope all is well. I am 32 years old, cacausian, attractive, intelligent, honest, kind, athletic and have great genes in regards to my family being of the nature of good athletes and who have high intellects and good professions. I work for the government. My sister is a teacher in BC who has won awards for being the highest academic student and has a phenomenal resume in regards to education, my grandpa was a war hero who fought for Canada in WW2 and my Uncle was a detective for the Winnipeg police force. My sperm would come with one requirement which is to keep the last name for the child and/or the family. My name is James. It’s a tradition among the Scottish descent and a dying wish from my Grandpa to keep the name on. I am willing to also pay money monthly for the child and would be extremely happy to do so given the child’s last name was mine. My heritage is that of Scottish, Hungarian, German, Irish, Russian, French and a little bit of Ojibwe. Thanks for your time and you can reach me anytime by text/call at. I currently reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Much love and peace and I hope to hear from you.

    1. do you or any one in your intermediate family from some hereditary illness such as cancer, ms, or anything in that line? also have you donated before? if so what contact did you want with the child conceived?

  4. White Canadian Caucasian. 6’8″ tall. Non smoker, very good health, non drinker. Rest of my siblings have girls. I’m assuming I will have higher chance of having a girl. Higher education. Good country guy. Any questions please feel free to get a hold of me

  5. kayla,

    have you found your donor yet? if so did you and your partner manage to concieve? and also did you find the donor to be safe!? like no std and such?

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