Julia White/blue eyed donor sought in LOndon


My relationships failed to get to the point to form a family together and I decided to find a donor to conceive a baby. I have no time to

waste. I am a single European woman with Irish looks, so they say (pale skin, dark hair, green eyes). I am trying to find a decent

looking, intelligent donor with similar looks (caucasian, blue/green eyes, dark hair) in the UK, ideally in or near London. I have been

trying to find a donor for a long time and I am getting a bit upset as it feels harder than I thought. Please get in touch. I am looking

forward to hearing from you.

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  1. I am able to help. My fathers half lives in the UK and i visit frequently. I am English and Irish decent. I am 26, 6’2 206lbs athletic build with light brown hair blue eyes Caucasian. Feel free to contact me for pictures or more information.

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