Jennifer Seeking Donor to make dream come true

My name is Jennifer. I am a 34 year old caucasian woman.

When I was 19, I gave birth to a “Holy smokes, what are you going to tell your parents?!” baby boy. I always knew that I wanted children SOMEDAY but that was a little soon. I told myself that some day, I would meet the right guy, settle down and get married, and then we would have more babies, the “right way”.
Well, fastforward a while. My son is now 9 years old, and I found the man of my dreams. We got married, and began trying. …and trying….and trying. This happened as a surprise when I had my son, surely it can’t be difficult! Well…yes. I was diagnosed with PCOS, which makes things difficult. Eventually, problems in this area led to separation.
I never gave up on my dream of having more children, and it has been my biggest dream, the biggest void left unfilled in my heart.
Don’t get me wrong, my son is incredible. He is 15 now, has spent his entire academic life on the honour roll. I taught him how to read at 4 years old. He read a chapter book before grade one. He excells at music, art, and sports. He is very intelligent, kind and polite. He is by far the best thing I ever did, and I take parenthood very seriously.

But he’s 15. And I’m 34. And I have SO much Mom left in me. I am not ready to be done.

I raised him for the majority of his life as a single parent. Single parenthood is not scary to me, it is the norm. I am 150% prepared to do it as a single mother again. I have a tremendous support system around me of friends and family.

I have spent years gathering clothes, toys, items. I have a nursery all ready to go. But it’s missing one important piece – the baby.

And in order to make him or her, I am also missing an important piece – sperm.

I’m hoping that’s where you come in. I am interested in a sperm AI donation, with no follow-up contact (unless another transaction is requested in the future).

I am located in Northern Ontario, and would prefer to travel to the donor. Anywhere in Ontario is fine.

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