jane160 Single heterosexual woman Looking to Find a sperm donor in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I am a young working professional, with university degree. Healthy, single, independant. Looking for a sperm donor in ottawa/montrreal area, who is healthy, living active life style, intellingent, 5’10” and over. Please feel free to message me if interested. Thank you!

Co-ParentMatch.com Username: jane160
Single heterosexual woman
Looking to Find a sperm donor
Age: 30
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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  1. Hello there,

    If you haven’t find anyone yet than I am willing to help you. I am 5’11’ smart, intelligent, good looking, outgoing, healthy and active person in late twenties.

  2. Hey, I am a 6foot 1 lightskin, 190lbs of lean muscle. Black hair brown eyes. I would love to be a donnor I would just ask to be around once in a while if thats ok with you. I am open to any questions you may have. I also am a proffesional. I own a catering buisness. Hope to hear feom you Jane

  3. hi jane, my name is ryan. i would be willing to help you out. i am 6’3 230 lbs with blonde hair and blue eyes. i have 2 university degrees, and am athletic and come from a great family. i have my own reasons for wanting to help you and would love to discuss them with you. if i don’t hear from you, i wish you the best of luck.

  4. HI Jane,

    I am sperm donor living close to montreal. I would like to help you if interested.

    Kindly let me know if you are still looking for sperm donation.

    Very best regards

  5. Hello,
    Im a 42 year old healthy male, living in the ottawa area, im 6″3 215 hwp, very healthy with no family history of anything, if interested then reply and we can discuss this further

  6. Hi Jane, if you are still looking for some help, I live in Ottawa and I meet the requirements you mentioned. Co-parentmatch profile: Hamish2

  7. natural insemination service available. Hi, I’m a sperm donor in toronto who would love to help a couple or single women start a family of their own and become parents. I always wanted to help someone’s dream come true of being parents. I am irish heritage. I am athletic, dark hair brown eyes and believe in staying fit and live a healthy life. I competed in amateur sports and workout daily.if you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime!

  8. Hi I am definitely interested! I am 26, 6.1′, 210lbs, Caucasian and muscular build. I am an account manager for a sporting goods import / exporter. I have no history of heart disease, cancers or diabetes in my family. If you would like to know more please feel free.

  9. Hi there. I helped out a co worker years ago with her dream of having a child. She sent pictures for the first 15 years. She asked if l would like to meet him when he was 16 . I met him and his mother half way between our cities. I met him twice since.he is now 21. I would love to help you.thanks Michael

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