Jamey – Edmonton donor

I live in Edmonton and would love to help someone out by donating sperm
I have no medical conditions, an above average IQ (125 on last test), 5’10:, bluish green eyes, athletic and strong build,

very strong immune system, and I’m told that I’m attractive. Here is a recent news clip done on me which shows my features

and outlines my personality and working history:

If you are interested, email me at———- please, and I would love to meet up with you to answer any questions.

Thank you and I hope I can be your choice.


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  1. Hi,
    I just seen that you are available in Edmonton. Are you still willing to donate? Just wondering what your age is and are you willing to donate via AI? Thanks so much, Nancy

  2. Hi Jamey, from Edmonton.
    I am a 36 year old single female, looking to have a baby before it is too late or too dangerous.
    If you are still willing, please contact me.

  3. My fiance and I have decided that we would like to have a family. The only issue is that my fiance had a vasectomy about 12 years ago in a previous marriage. The doctors have informed us that we may have waited too long. If you are interested in donating sperm please contact us. Thank you for your time and I truly to hear from you. I am very inspired by your story.

    Thank you,


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