Jackie Single heterosexual woman in Toronto, Ontario looking for a sperm donor


I’m a single woman in my early 40’s with no kids and I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I’m looking for a sperm donor (AI) in the TORONTO area to assist me with starting a family of my own.

I’m from a Caribbean/African background, have a great job, and am financially stable. There’s no financial commitment required form you (we can both sign a contract), just require a little help from mother nature with the gift of your fertile swimmers. :-).

Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks.


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  1. Brian, here. 35, 5’8″ (there is height in my family — between 5’10’-6’2″ — I just didn’t get any of it). I’m of British/Norwegian descent, with dirty blond hair, blue eyes and…well, I’m sure you get the picture. 🙂

    IQ is well above 130, I’m artistic (performing arts-wise), constantly reading (anything from Sci Fi to Politics), and, have volunteered for numerous non-profits. If you’re still looking for help in starting your family, I would be more than willing to offer my assistance.

  2. I am willing to help through AI.

    I am an East Asian, proven fertile. I received a PhD degree from the states. I am 185cm and 82kg.

    Please contact me for more info if interested.

  3. Hello I am from from the carribean located in Toronto would like to become sperm donor there nothing I want more in this moment of my life than having a baby, it could be with you and just have it with me for some vacations, I am 31 years old, please let us both be happy.

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