Helper1 Single heterosexual man Looking to Become a sperm donor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I work outdoors and get to spend all of my time there. I’m fairly career focused and feel I don’t have enough time to start a family. I would like to know that in some way I will be contributing to the world and would like to help some loving parents out. I always feel I had good genetics and a lot to offer a child so if I can in any way helps some parents get to that point then I am all game. Username: Helper1
Single heterosexual man
Looking to Become a sperm donor
Age: 30
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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  1. We are a lesbian couple trying to get pregnant. We live in the crowsnest pass. We just moved here from Ontario a month ago. We need to find a great sperm donor who is willing to help. Please contact me. My name is Manon and my wife is Jenn. Thank you so much.

  2. Hi, we are a married heterosexual couple with male factor infertility. We are looking for a donor. We live 3hrs northeast of Calgary. Thanks

  3. Hi there,
    I’m completely new to this. My husband and I are looking to have a child in the up coming months. I’ll be 37 and he is 40. We are not able to conceive a child of our own.
    I guess at this point, I’d kind of like to get to know the donor and find out some information. I would assume that you would want to know that the child is loved and well taken care of and we would want to ensure that you feel this is the case.
    Because I’m new to all this, I’m not sure what I should be asking or what I should be telling.
    I do know that I would like to know your height. Both my husband and I are on the short side, 5’3″ and 5’6″, so height is one thing we’d like to know.
    I’d like to know the basics for sure, eye color, hair color, but I’d also like to know how you were as a child growing up. How were you in school? Did you like sports? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    My husband and I live in Edmonton, so I know there is a distance, but we’d be willing to come up and meet you at some time, so that we could discuss some of these things.
    Thank you in advance for reading this!

    1. Hi Holly, we’re wondering if this worked out for you. Did anything transpire between you and Helper1. If you can share some information with us to help learn more about the process (ie. Procedure,cost,legalities etc.) we’d greatly appreciate it… thanks in advance we hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Hello. I am a 29 year old single mom and I am wanting to add to my little family. I have a wonderful 5 yr old daughter who has been wishing for a sibling and myself as well. I am financially stable and I own NY own home and car with a stave occupation. I was wondering how much you charge.

  5. Hello, is your offer still available? I am interested in learning more about you, the procedure and the costs associated.


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