heather looking for a sperm donor

hello, my husband and i are looking for a sperm donor. we live in grande prairie, ab. we want to start a family very badly and soon but unfortunately we can not conceive on our own due to my husbands medical history. we are financially sound, i stay home while my husband works to take care of me. we are looking for some one who is:
who is caucasian, 5’5 or taller, has a clean medical history (minimal heart disease, diabetes, and others that can be genetic but not a deal breaker), ai only. as for contact with the child, we want 0 to little contact with the child,(as my family does not know we are taking this route to conceive a child) i don’t want them to know that they were from a donor until they are older but i am willing to send pictures and updates to you if you would like. must be willing to sign a contract as well that will be written up by us and gone over and signed. i would prefer for someone to travel to me to help us have a child, we may be able to meet in Edmonton but that is only if we can get time off to go (my husbands a manager and cant take a lot of time off so travel up here would be the best option). i would prefer if you were able to stay for 3 days or so to have maximum chances to conceiving in one month. (come to my home once each day for 3ish days ad try ai each day)
as of right now we are financially stable but may not at be able to help you with travel expenses at the time of travel, all has to do with my husbands sales of the month (insurance broker), but can put the amount/monthly payment in the contract.
for any more information on me or my husband or are willing to donate to us please feel free to email me or comment, and i will get back to you asap!
thank you for reading, hope to here from you!!


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  1. Hi Heather. My profile says Kamloops, but I am actually working very close to GP and was there this morning, in fact and know GP fairly well, so no need for you to travel or to take time off! I seem to meet your criteria and I’d be happy to help you and your husband have a baby starting right away. Since you’re married I’d be happy to do AI (instead of NI). I haven’t done this before. I’m near enough that I’d be able to provide samples for several days near your fertile time if we can work that out. I will also be willing to sign a contract. I don’t need continuing contact and would be very discreet, but if you get pregnant please let me know how it turns out. Good Luck!

    1. I did send you an email on co-parentmatch.
      My username is heather1305. If you want to reply to that please. Very interested in meeting with you and talking more

    1. yes i am, would you be able to supply me with your email,(as i cant figure out these sites very well) or phone number?

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