Greg Toronto and Kingston area willing to donate

As the title says I go back and forth between the Kingston Ontario area (technically belleville) and toronto both for work and family.

I have been in a relationship for 7+ years but I am not technically Married.

I’m Irish and Italian Mixed with very light skin blue eyes and brown hair and soft features.

I am 100% straight sexually.

I think the Child should be raised by the recipient(s) primarily but when they come of age should be allowed to contact me should they desire any answers or have any questions or curiosity. And would insist on a signed contract setting out exactly what are and are not my rights responsibilities as a donor. Ideally I would have neither any responsibility nor any rights, for contact of support and of course the rights of the child come first in all things.

I am average height, skinny, blue eyes that can become hazel in the right lighting, brown hair. My facial features are fairly soft and tends towards the italian side while my skin tone is definitely irish. I have a very High IQ and no major health issues, I’m happy to be tested for STDS and any other concerns one may have.

I am a carrier for Beta thalassemia (minor) which means I have a recessive gene that doesn’t affect my day to day but offers a degree of resistance bordering on immunity to malaria naturally. So all in all a good deal, however it also means It would be unwise for me to donate to someone with any form of genetic anemia, or thalassemia and I will require confirmation that any recipient is free from that.

I’d Prefer AI but my relationship is open so NI is possible for the right person.

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