Grant Attractive, Proven and Reliable

I am a sperm donor who lives just north of Calgary, AI and NI are both OK to me and my donations are free of charge. I have recent STD results available. I will not push you over any specific method for donation. I am cool with artificial or natural, however, I am a man and ahem……I’m biased towards natural. My IQ is above the average, and I’m easy on the eyes. If we can come to an agreement I wont let you down.

Physical and General Status:
Age: 34
Hair color: light brown
Eye color:Blue
Height: 6′ 1″
Weight: 190 lb.
Skin color: White
Body style: Athletic
Blood type: A +
STD: None
Alcohol use: Rarely
Smoke: Never
Drug use: Never
Heritage: Danish, English
Current number of babies: 2 Girls

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  1. Hey there Grant,
    We had come across this and are very interested in having a chat with you. If you could let me know what is the best way to contact you, that would be amazing. Thank you.

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