Ginger looking for a blonde or red head sperm donor or co parent

Hi, I’m looking for an under 40 year old (preferably in your 20’s) sperm donor in southern Ontario to co parent (you part time, me full time) or a donor for a natural cycle insemination or donor for iui. My naturopath with monitor my cycle for timing. I have long thick strawberry golden blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, Irish born, petite and very fit body. I’m looking for someone who has not donated to others and doesn’t already have children as I do not want my kids to have siblings out there they will not have any relationship with. I will be interested in a sibling so a second donation down the road.

I’m in my mid 40’s and have been approved and ready for a donor . My health is excellent and all bloodwork and testing done routinely at a fertility clinic for the past year. You will have to be willing to get a semen analysis and bloodwork done to show your std testing has been completed and a measure of sperm mobility, motility and sperm count so I know the sample is worth using. You must be clear of all genetic or hereditary diseases (like cancers, diabetes, mental illness etc, poor eyesight, bad teeth etc). I have no hereditary poor health, all healthy in the family and genetic testing done to prove my healthy genes. I’m very pretty and do modelling part time as well as college educated and very high IQ. I am musical and sing, artistic, spiritual healer, very healthy and care about the environment, animal rights activist, do charity work weekly and love animals! 🙂

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If this sounds like the kind of well balanced beautiful woman you’d like to share your sperm with to make a gorgeous smart baby, please message me asap. Thanks! Pictures will be shared upon communication.

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