Flo42 – Sperm donor in Toronto

Single mother of one looking for a sperm donor for AI in GTA. Would like to complete my family with a second child, but there’s no M. Right. A healthy, university educated and artistically inclined would be nice. Current STI screening required. Contact me if interested

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  1. Hello, I am willing to help you With ni or ai donation. I have helped 2 same sex couples conceive. I am white, blue eyes, brown hair, 5’7, 170 lbs, with a strong athletic build. I am a healthy non smoker. I have resent STI testing paper work and will be retested if required. No major history of family genetic illness in my family. I am from a big family.  I have 6 sister and 3 brother… all from the same two parents of a 50 plus year marriage.  I have 7 nieces and 11 nephews… good health genetically over 80 + years from this family history. Feel free to write ….

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