9 Replies to “Emily71 Single heterosexual woman Looking to Find a sperm donor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada”

  1. Hello Emily I’m a sperm donor from toronto and I would like to help you become a mom, I’m 22 and I’m healthy, I exercise and stay healthy and active, message me if interested!

  2. Hello. I am looking to co parent. I am healthy. White. Brown hair blue eyes. Athletic . Living in Toronto. Write back for more info and to chat if interested.

  3. Hello. I am a 33 year old donor. White. Brown hair. Athletic build. Email ————————- if you would like to chat about having myself donate.

    Take care

  4. Hello. I am a 33 year old established donor. Recent testing done. Std free. Excellent sperm count. I am white. Brown hair. Blue eyes. athletic build. Email ———————– if you would like to chat more

    Take care.

  5. Hi Emily,

    I’m 27 single heterosexual man, healthy, athletic, and educated sperm donor in London, Ontario.
    My Coparentmatch username: Max382

  6. White, English down to earth male looking to help. 6ft, 185lbs, 39, and very easy on the eyes. I’m engineer, and very interested in helping.

    I loved to hear from you.

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