8 Replies to “Elizabeth105 Single heterosexual woman Looking to Find a sperm donor in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada”

  1. Hello, my name is Ferris, I am a fit, intelligent, young male, 150lbs, 5ft9″, blue eyes, blonde hair, Irish, and English.

    Please email me if you are interested in learning more, I can attach pictures.

    1. Dear Ferris,

      I saw your reply to another user and was wondering if you would be willing to donate to my partner and I. We are a lesbian couple together for almost 5 years. Living in Ottawa. We have one 10 year old boy with blue eyes and blonde hair. We are really hoping to complete our family with a daughter. We are a down to earth responsible loving couple hoping for the perfect match. ———– if you would like to reply. Thank you,
      Sincerely, Kari and Donna

      1. Hi are you still lookinh gor a donor? im young healthy, tall educated and would like to help anyone to conceive a baby. If so send me an email!

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I saw your profile on the Co-parent website; I live in Ottawa, and if you are still looking for a donor, I think I match the requirements you set. My profile: Hamish2

    Good luck!

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    I am located in Ottawa and meet your requirements – please message me if you are interested.

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