Elizabeth – Sperm Donor wanted for AI in halifax/truro Nova Scotia

We are a married female/female couple in our late twenties who are trying to conceive. We have been using a donor for two

months now but the distance is too great to travel (out West). We’re seeking a donor in Truro, Halifax or surrounding


My wife and I are financially self sufficient and will not penalize or subject you to any financial responsibilities of

your act of donation.
We will have custody and all parental rights and duties from the moment of birth of the child and shall bear the full cost

and responsibility for caring for and the welfare of the child.
We will happily provide photos and keep in touch.
You must be willing to sign a legal contract (pre-notarized) that clearly states our expectations, and will protect you as


If you are interested, please realize that natural insemination will not take place (no sex). You will be donating into a

sterile sample jar, then placing the sample into an oral syringe. Our paths ideally will rarely cross after our initial

meeting to finalize paperwork. Limited contact in person during the process is ideal for us, though there will be lots of

email/text communication to set up meetings and to time everything.

There will be no fees exchanged in this process, it is illegal to purchase sperm in Canada, you must be willing to donate

altruistically (as a kind act, not to get paid).
The donation procedure can take place up to 5+ times each month to best span the ovulation window (every 2-3 days across a

two week period is ideal). Notice might be short since ovulation cycles change, flexibility with timing and availability

is ideal.

Ideally you will have donated before, and/or have children of your own. If not, please think this through carefully, most

people say no because: they feel like they will be giving away a child, they fear they will stalk us and the child and

question our parenting decisions, they couldn’t be discreet about it, their wives wouldn’t let them, they fear something

would be wrong with the child and they would feel at fault. This is a big decision; think it through carefully before

replying please.

Donor must:
Be in excellent health, capable of producing and donation sperm.
Have healthy family histories (parents, grandparents).
Be between the ages 25-45
Be very recently cleared by a doctor on an STD examination and provide us with a copy of this document.
Be willing to share pictures of yourself as a child, and as you currently are today.
To be “vetted” essentially, to have references checked.
Not demand or compel any guardianship, custody, or visitation right with any child resulting from the insemination

Not have any contact with the child until the child begins to inquire, then you must be receptive to meeting the child in

a non parental way.
Have reliable transportation for meetings and be an excellent communicator.
Realize that if we are successful, we will likely want siblings for the child, from you. Repeating the processes may be a


If you are still interested, please email with the following information:
Where you live:
Why you want to donate and help us:
Physical description (appearance):
Have you had success before (your own children or donated before?):
Your relationship status, and if you’re with someone, if they’re supportive of you donating:
Please include a few pictures with your email as well.

We will happily answer any questions you may have as well, and can tell you more about us if you desire.

We will only be replying to those who include detailed information, and who we feel may be a good potential match for us.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

11 Replies to “Elizabeth – Sperm Donor wanted for AI in halifax/truro Nova Scotia”

  1. Hi there I am 1 time experienced donor located in Truro willing to donate using AI only if you have not found a donor as of yet

  2. If you are an infertile couple because your partner has had a vasectomy and wish to expand or start your family or your partner has a low sperm count, defective sperm, military injury, cancer treatment etc. I am willing to help you either through artificial insemination or naturally. Available to travel for this.

  3. You contacted me a couple of years ago on co-parentmatch.com but I wasn’t ready to be a donor at that time.I have always regretted not helping you.Even if you no longer need a donor,please email me and let me know. Thanks

  4. Hi I can help. I am a 27 yr old guy who’s going to NSCC waterfront. I have a clean bill of health. Email me if you have more questions.

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