DrewNi Ni sperm donor gta

Hello I’m a 30 year old sperm donor in East Toronto. I can travel across the GTA. I tend to lean more on NI as I’m a naturalistic type of person.
I’m Caucasian from mixed background. English, Irish, Scottish, German and Spanish.
I’m 6’1″ brown hair (was blonde/white as a child) my eyes have been known to change between moss grey, green and blue depending on my mood and have flecks of hazel. No known mental or physical illness in my family and my IQ is over 156.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am hoping to connect with you, is this still an active post? Please let me know. I’m very interested in chatting 🙂 thank you so much.

  2. Hi we are a lesbian couple
    Looking for a donor. For beginning of November to start. Are you still donating if so please email us so we can take the proper steps forward.

  3. Hi there

    Was just wondering if you are still donating. We are a married lesbian couple looking to start a family.

    Pls get back to us

    Thank you so much

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