9 Replies to “don177 Single heterosexual man Looking to Become a sperm donor in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada”

  1. I am a healthy single woman who has never had children. I need that purpose in my life now and can give a child a loving home with advantages. I’m Edmonton.

  2. Don177 I am also a single healthy woman who has never had children. I am in Calgary but would be willing to go to Edmonton. For the last two years I have wanted nothing more than to have a child and just can’t seem to find the right person. I don’t want to settle, but I would still like to have a child and maybe the right man with come into our lives someday. I feel that with my current financial and home life I would make a great mother and I have friends and family who are willing to help me I just need to find viable sperm. Please e-mail me.

  3. I’m 20 going onto 21 years old. Who would like to have a child soon to make my life complete. I don’t really know how this goes. But please respond. Thanks.

  4. Co-ParentMatch.com Username: Pamela19
    heterosexual couple
    Looking for a sperm donor due to male factor infertility
    Age: I am age 30 my husband is age 36
    Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    If you are still willing to be a sperm donor feel free to email us and we could discuss more. thank you for your time.

  5. Hi there,
    I’m completely new to this. My husband and I are looking to have a child in the up coming months. I’ll be 37 and he is 40. We are not able to conceive a child of our own.
    I guess at this point, I’d kind of like to get to know the donor and find out some information. I see that you would want to know that the child is loved and well taken care of and we would want to ensure that you feel this is the case.
    Because I’m new to all this, I’m not sure what I should be asking or what I should be telling.
    I do know that I would like to know your height. Both my husband and I are on the short side, 5’3″ and 5’6″, so height is one thing we’d like to know.
    I’d like to know the basics for sure, eye color, hair color, but I’d also like to know how you were as a child growing up. How were you in school? Did you like sports? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    My husband and I live in Edmonton, and we’d be willing to meet you at some time, so that we could discuss some of these things.
    Thank you in advance for reading this!

  6. Hi. Im a healthy 34 year old who has wanted nothing more than to have a baby for the last 5 years. I did have a significant other but unfortunalty that did not work out. I don’t feel I have the time to pursue looking for another partner. my focus is on children. I have close family that will help and Im stable in life. Please contact me if you are still interested in donating.
    Thank You

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