Dominique – lesbian couple looking for sperm donar

Hi, me and my girlfriend have decided we want to have a baby, we are currently looking for a sperm donor in the Newbrunswick area. We are both working full time with our own place. Also want a donor who wont want contact with the baby! thanks 🙂 would love to see some reply’s soon.

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  1. Hi I am a young male only 22 , tall 6’3″, light brown hair, hazel eyes. Engineering education , would love to help you out . Email me ————- for questions.

  2. Hello I am a 32 year old male, new to New Brunswick originally from Ontari. I have a Portuguese background but I am born in Ontario Canada. I have a boy and a girl of my own. I would love to help someone to experience the joys of being parents. I have mediuw brown hair, Hazel eye colour, 5 FOOT 9 Inches as well as 226lbs I played soccer all over the world,bodybuilding and soaking up as much knowledge from anything possible.
    Thank You

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