David Healthy BC/AB sperm donor, will travel

I’m a very healthy (mentally as well as physically), intelligent, BC (born and raised) guy. I’m considered fairly attractive, outdoorsy, creative, spiritual and have many interests. I’ve always known I wanted to help bring life into the world but am single, so I will settle for sperm donation in order to help others acheive their dream of having a child. I’m open to continuing contact or a possible relationship, but will also be very discreet and open to no further contact if thats what you desire as long as you can assure me that the baby would be well loved and cared for. I can travel throughout western Canada. I believe NI is probably the best way, but would also be open to AI if you’re in a relationship and would be willing to donate for several days in a row near your fertile time if we can work that out. Good luck in your search!


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