Danielle – Looking for sperm donor in western Ontario or Calgary area

Me and my soon to be wife are looking for a sperm donor in hopes to conceive mid-late 2018. We are looking for someone who is drug free, doesn’t smoke, Caucasian, Ukrainian, Russian, French roots are a massive plus! Eyes must be blue or green, hair colour isn’t a big deal. We don’t want any contact when pregnancy is achieved. And will have a contract to sign stating so.

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  1. Hello!
    I could probably help you out, if interested.
    I’m 34, Caucasian with dark hair and blue/green eyes. I’m drug free and I don’t smoke.
    I’m a third generation Canadian, but way back I’ve got British, Scottish and Ukrainian roots.
    I’m a professional, live in Calgary, I am happily married with three kids of my own.
    My wife and I are pretty much done having kids, but as a biologist, I still feel the desire to spread my genetic seed.
    Definitely not looking for any involvement going forward.
    Shoot me an email if interested. Thanks!

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