Crystopher – Seeking Sperm Donor in Ontario

I am a 21 year old transgender male. My girlfriend and I would like to start a family. Obviously,being a transgender male

means I cannot have get my girlfriend pregnant myself. I am in college and i finish in 6 months and will be starting my

career. A family is all I have ever really wanted. My girlfriend and I can provide a loving home and she would be a stay at

home mother assuring that the child would live a great life and have the attention needed to grow. If anyone is willing to

help us out please reply. We have lots of love and support from family as well. We are located east of Toronto, Ontario.

The child would be ours, possible visitation if introduced as a family friend (if wanted). Otherwise I’d prefer no

visitation and for you not to have custody.

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  1. I would love to help the two of you, and I have little prerequisites. Whatever the two of you are comfortable with, no introductions required unless upon child’s request.

    I am non-judgmental and loving and believe its unfair that someone should be unable to have a child. Let me know.


  2. Would like to participate in helping you become a family. I am only looking to help you create a child and have no wish to have any involvement in your life or the life of your child. I a man educated, professional with two children of my own. I come from a normal good family. Please email me for details and any questions you may have.

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