Courtney – lesbian couple wanting baby so badly

Hi. My name is Courtney. Tamara and I desperately want to have a baby. But its so hard to find someone willing to help us. I’m in school finish in October and I work she is hard working also. We have tried everything including asking friends if they could help and still we have had no luck. I hope. Someone can find it in their heart to help our dreams come true.
Trying to stay positive

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  1. Hello I’m a 43 yr Caucasian man in good shape, have successfully donated recently to a lesbian couple . Email for more info

    1. Hi
      My name is Katherine
      We are a lesbian couple just married. We want to have a baby soon.
      We have see that you have donated successfully to another lesbian couple recently so we want to know more about it and get more info on it

      Please reply
      What’s your email ?

      Thank you

  2. Hello my name is Derrick, I am 30 yrs old and very healthy, don’t drink nor do illegal drugs. I am 6’2 bluish green eyes, brown hair, built kinda like a football player, I do have a child of my own so I know how healthy your child would be in the long run. I would be so happy to be able to assist you in the happiness I think everyone should experience.

  3. Hello i would love to help. I am very healthy 6″0″ tall good history and am up to date will all testing if you would like more info just e-mail.

  4. Hello Tamara and Courtney,

    I’m a researcher here in Vancouver Canada who is looking into the world of singles and couples that are choosing to redefine how their families are made and choosing to have children with “known” sperm donors.

    I’m in an information gathering stage so none of the research that I’m conducting will be published. This stage is to determine if there are enough great stories out there to create a respectful documentary on the topic.

    I saw that you had posted a request on this forum and I’m really interested in chatting with you about your personal process for finding the right match to start your family with.

    Would either of you be up for a chat? You can respond to and we can arrange things from there.

    Hope to connect soon,


  5. I am willing to give you my sperm.
    Male, 36, 5’11”, South Asian, Athlet Built, Educated, Outgoing. Email me for further discussion.

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