Conrad Vancouver island Sperm Donor Wild as a Wolf. 34

I am 34 and I reside part time in the wilderness. I know how to do most things that require a
independent person to survive int he wilderness. My skills are not an education through school
or a job 9 to 5, But a skill that is lost with time.
I am as wild as a solo wolf. And my views are to do with nature and animals.
So most likely if u have a pup from me they are gonna be climbing your trees in the yard and heading for the wilderness.
And saving the local neighborhood dogs.But u know what those are literally the best things.
I am Caucasian and I don’t really look like every one else, Tall and tend to think allot self taught.
Email for a picture.
I am single. I am way to wild to not be. Always riding away for another adventure across Canada to the Wilderness,Canoe trip or expedition.
As for me I prefer to not be hidden but respected for my impact to give back to those in need.

Vancouver Island.
I am straight.
I prefer no contact but I am a sharing and caring person so its up to u. I hate greed money and hate.

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