One Reply to “ Profile ID: Lissa1162 Lesbian couple Looking to Find a sperm donor in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada”

  1. I am a healthy 21 year old male, 6ft 3in tall slender male. I have had one child prior and he is awesome. I am considered nice, easy going, and disciplined. I have 2 college diploma’s. I am dedicated in everything that I do. I am single and intend to stay that way for a while.
    My interest in your ad stems from the thought that I’d like to leave additional biological offspring in the world. Given that I would not have contact with this offspring, I would like to know who will be raising the child. I assume that you are responsible people and have planned for children. I would like to know that for a fact.

    If you are agreeable to these conditions, please advise how you would like to arrange this sperm donation.

    I am easy to get a hold of so shoot me an email back asap.


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