Chloe Looking for a sperm donor

Hi there, my girlfriend and I are looking to start our own family. We haven’t had much luck with finding someone yet. We both have very good jobs, we both have amazing families and amazing people surrounding us.

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  1. Congratulations on your decision to expand your family and bring life love and make memories that last a lifetime. I’m a father of three healthy children and and from a strong lineage of danish German French and British heritage. I’m certain that when you see the children I have produced it would be suitable to what you may be looking for. Feel free to message and ask any question you like

  2. I’m a 34 year old caucasian male with no medical conditions. I have blue eyes, light brown/blond hair and my height is around 6’1″ or 185cm. I weight around 195 – 205lbs. My body type is average and I have no known family medical conditions in my history.

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