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I’m not too sure how to go about this or what to write, but just to be pretty straight forward. My partner and I are trying to have a baby, planned it already, but we are looking for a donor. This might be a long shot. No involvement or anything will occur, contract and stating the facts of such will be in tact.

Thank you, if someone reads this and please email, if any questions.


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  1. 42 straight white male, looking to donate sperm.

    I’m 6′ tall. Dark Brown hair and light blue eyes. No major healthy issues. No addictions. Never had an STD or used drugs. No addictions to cigarettes, alcohol or any other substances. Straight teeth. Danish/British/Swiss heritage.

    Graduated with honours from HS. University Degree. Dean’s list. Working professional.

    Currently have a 9 year old daughter that excels in school and has no health or behavioral issues.

    Motivated to help those who are struggling with fertility issues.

    Method is recipient choice.

    Wiling to travel Travel expenses and legal costs to be covered by recipients.

    Post baby contact is welcome but not required

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