ChaneBritt Looking for a Donor

Hey there, We are a young lesbian couple wanting to start a family and get our lives going in the direction we would like to be in. We are currently looking for a sperm donor who is willing to sign off on any and all parental rights and responsibilities (meaning no child support or anything of that nature), with that being said, if agreed upon all parties, could be part of said child’s life as a uncle or a close family friend until the time is right to explain to the child who his/her biological father is. This is NOT a must but an option. We are also looking for someone who would be open/willing to do siblings, also not a must but would be greatly appreciated. Please note that this is an artificial insemination ONLY or AI as some people call it. We honestly don’t care on looks and things, but blue eyes, blonde hair would be a bonus. Feel free to send us a message to talk about further details, thank-you.

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  1. Hello we are a gay couple, we are together 4 years we would be very happy to realize your dream, I am sure we can get along very well, I do not want to have any responsibility on the Nene, we just want to help, please get in touch so we’ll talk better, let’s get some coffee.

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