Ashleigh Seeking brown eye/black hair donor

Trying to start a family with no luck. Now considering a donor, but they’re ridiculously expensive. I’d rather spend the money on things that matter rather than just trying to get there.

Dark brown or black hair (please, no African American)
Brown eyes
Medium build
No diabetes or heart disease in family
No history of addiction
No history of mental illness
Must be in the YEG area and capable of travelling
Must be discreet
History of successful pregnancy bonus
AI only
No direct contact, the odd update can be discussed
Must have a std/sti test newly done before commencement of the agreement

3 Replies to “Ashleigh Seeking brown eye/black hair donor”

  1. Willing to help if you are are still interested. I have proof as my wife is pregnant with her 4 of ours. If you are still looking I’m willing to help

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